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Vedic Astrology

- Maximize your potential
- Recognize natural talents and inclinations
- Determine key timing for changes, effective planning and transformation
- Gain insight into relationships


Jyotish is the "science of light", also known as Vedic Astrology. The roots go deep, to the oldest writings on our planet, as well as an oral tradition that is hard to specifically date. It is based on natural law. Yoga, Ayurvedic healing, Jyotish, all share these same ancient roots in the limbs of and in the Vedic tradition and writings. It is a timeless tradition that has been found relevant and adaptable to varied cultures and times. It is based on the actual position of the planets in relationship to the constellations of the zodiac.

A birth chart is a symbolic representation of one's karma. We have created this karma and are doing so on an ongoing basis. This does not negate one's free will, but clarifies where we currently are and the influences that are affecting us within specific time tables, and the cycles of our lives. It is essentially like reading a road map. Our active participation is vital.

Many specific methods can be utilized to unravel in more depth the themes and patterns that exist in any chart, or between charts. This information is then utilized to determine inclinations, talents, challenges as well as meaning inherent in specific time periods and relationships. Timing of challenges and opportunities can be pin pointed. Insight into the meaning of these events and times can be determined.

The basic building blocks of language are in the alphabet and rules of grammar. That of music are in the scales and notes. Jyotish has it's own building blocks. The planets are the moving factors, the 12 houses are the playing field. How the planets interrelate to each other on this playing field as well as their qualitative nature are interpreted during a reading. There are 12 signs, 12 houses, but also a lunar zodiac of 27 Nakshatras that overlay the chart. Each factor in turn, more specifically hones the symbolism, synthesizing the specific chart so that it can be useful as any map would be.